10 ways a digital workplace will help your organisation

Many people see an intranet or a so called digital workplace, as a solution with almost endless possibilities to improve employee productivity and internal communication in the workplace.

And they are right, an intranet has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on how you run your day-to-day business.

To help you focus on what those benefits are, we have listed below what we believe to be the top ten benefits when you digitalise your workplace.   


1. Enhanced communication - all in the same place

With the vast number of communication tools that your coworkers have access to, they will be able to continue to communicate in their preferred way. The intranet can consolidate all these tools into one place with e-mail, video, chat or social media all available.

2. Removing obstacles for a worldclass collaboration

Being able to communicate with your colleagues enables you to cooperate, but what really sets the wheels in motion are software integrations to make sure you can share and work in the same documents simultaneously. This ends double copies and  being swamped in e-mails. And if its Office 365 integration, you will get your calendar as well.

3. Find who you been looking for. Faster. 

With interactive personal files your staff can edit and update their own information. It makes it so much easier to find the right person when, whether you search by ; name, speciality, unit, city, etc. All the information can be added and edited. If you run Microsoft Active Directory it should also be able to perform an auto sync.

4. Search that finds what your looking for

We all spend way too long looking through lots of information to find that one detail you need to complete a task. By adding an intelligent search functionality to your intranet you will save time and improve productivity. 

5. More engaged coworkers

By supplying your organisation with information, news, content and productivity shortcuts for the work community, it will generate higher energy and engagement levels. Most people will also spend less time in meetings, a win in it self.

6. Better usage of paid for software licenses

A well structured intranet will let you connect and integrate tools, software and cloud services for your employees, making their working day easier. Consolidation of these functions in one place means better utilisation of licenses that you have invested in.  

7. Loyalty boost

Staff that have access to efficient, personalised workspaces with the potential to communicate freely with colleagues tend to feel more loyal towards their team, coworkers and their company. This will be a quick win when staff retention and recruitment tend to be costly and time consuming.

8. Enhanced productivity

With better communication comes increased collaboration. If you add storage for files and documents you will see that more people share and communicate their knowledge. This will by itself lead to higher productivity and by storing all information in one central place no more loss of data due to single staff members leaving or storing it in third party solutions. 


9. Customer service 2.0

An effective intranet facilitates the fast dispatch of critical information, statistics, updates, etc. This can be the difference between a happy client or an unsatisfied one when you need to get information into the hands of your workers.

10. Save time and money

A digital workplace will increase productivity and save limited resources - be that time or money. Coworkers can meet without traveling. Less licences for software. And fewer expensive consultants. 

Take away:

There are plenty of reasons to implement a digital workplace or intranet, the increase in productivity and communication means that costs are quickly recovered through improved performance.

Would you like to know how we at Spintr deliver these ten benefits to you? 

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