A group can create more solidarity than you think

Do you work in an organization where the inbox is constantly filled with emails that belong to all kinds of conversations and where you in the end have no idea what's what and where? You're not alone! This can quickly become a problem and very time consuming to sort out. That's why you can find the functionality of groups in Spintr – an easy way to drive collaboration and run projects together without the need for lots of emails left and right.

In Spintrs intranet you can easily access group, a function where you can decide which colleagues you want to invite to your group. You can create as many as you like and even be invited to groups by your colleagues. In the group you can have a clear agenda, create a to-do list and use the social stream to update everyone on the project and what's going on. Here you can upload files that belong to the specific project and set important dates in the projects public calendar, so everyone has control and the complete overview. Which groups could you create?

Here are a few tips:

· Spring conference

· Kitchen duty

· Digital Christmas calendar

· Blog ideas

· Potential clients

Yes, here you have everything you need to organize and make your workday easier, at the same time you're reducing the number of emails in your inbox. It's a win-win situation!

Thanks to the workgroups, the solidarity and transparency increases in the organization when colleagues can feel involved and see how the work unfolds as soon as a new update is made in the project.

As a group creator you can invite everyone you find relevant for the group, but also decide if the group should be open, closed or secret. The group where you share your best lunchbox ideas might be open for everyone, while the management team might want a secret group where they can discuss privately. Some workplaces choose to not have any secret groups to increase the feeling of transparency. The choice is yours.

You can also work across departments in this tool, enabling cooperation and getting to know each other and the different departments better. Everything to boost the feeling of solidarity in a team. Did you know you can create a workgroup where you can invite external parties as well?

Of course the groups don't have to be work related! Maybe it's appropriate to create a group so you can figure out who does what for the Christmas-do? Is there an interest to read among the employees, well maybe you could create a book club as a group, or why not a group where you rate the best lunch places near the office?

The possibilities are endless! Create a group today together with us at Spintr!