A nomination is a price in itself for Vadstena municipality

In this years WSA-gala, Vadstena municipality was nominated for best intranet. Although Systembolaget took home the price – but with the height that Vadstena municipality has taken in such a short time we at Spintr see them as winners none the less!

Åsa Murakami, communicator at Vadstena municipality, was present at the WSA-day and the gala in Stockholm on 30th of January and got a large dose of inspiration, new thoughts and considerations.

We contacted Åsa a few days after the gala to see how she was doing after such an intense day, it turns out she is already making plans for their social intranet and how they will be working in the near future.

Tell us about the WSA-day – what was it like?

It was a really nice day with a varied program with lots of inspirational seminars and trend seekers. The environment at Nalen was amazing and they even had a big band for the gala later in the evening.

What's the key take away from the day?

All the speakers and seminars – the experience offered great inspiration and a whole lot of new knowledge, but also lots of good laughs.

In what way were you inspired to keep developing your intranet?

Above all we need to work with our organization and how we actually work with our intranet. There were a few concrete tips, for instance on how to quickly improve the searchability.

You had a nomination in the category for best intranet – how was your pulse when the were about to announce the winner?

Haha, when they called all the nominees on stage it was actually quite high!

The winner this year was Systembolagets intranet – what do you think they have done that you haven't quite reached yet?

First and foremost a well though through structure, a great organization and their way of working with the intranet. The structure has clear purpose and goals that they work towards.

What will be Vadstena municipalities next step for internal communications now?

We will focus on making the intranet more available for our workers. We are already migrating to a web based solution in the near future. 

In the category best intranet, in addition to Vadstena municipality and Systembolaget, Fortifikationsverket and Forsäkringskassan was also nominated.

Spintr has been a proud provider of Vadstena municipalities intranet for several years.

Read more here about what Åsa and her colleagues thought when they first received the nomination earlier this year.