An engaged team creates positive results

If you ever felt a bit disconnected, you know that the energy, interest and ability to deliver throughout the day, whether at work or at home, sink drastically. Because humans are pack animals and the need to feel like you're part of the gang is required to be able to feel good.

That's why Spintr offer endless possibilities for you and your colleagues to get involved at work and create solidarity and the possibility to participate. The intranet is built on having people engaged and creating content, this way the employee grows, and the company with them.

Beyond posting pictures and thoughts in the social stream, uploading your profile picture and information about yourself on your page or having a dialogue in the chat like in other social media, you can do so much more with Spintr.

Why not point out ambassadors in the workplace, for instance to create a monthly blogpost about their line of work to give more people insights into their daily life. Or maybe make a list of the top ten lunchbox ideas for the coming month, the best recipe for choc-chip cookies or a review of the latest movie they saw at the cinema.

Involve your co-workers through Friday competitions where the joke with most haha's win the last cinnamon bun for the coffee break, or the picture with the most likes win a movie ticket.

Or showcase how much the employees actually know, even though they might not think so themselves! Pair up teams of two, tell them to bring their mobile and give them a subject related to their work to discuss. Then it's time to record it on video and describe the subject in a few minutes and post it in the social stream. They can learn a lot about their workplace, their department and even realize what their capable of with a little nudge from their employer. You might even see them grow a little and feel proud about their workplace when they share the video in their stream and point out that they actually created this!

To be engaged, inspired and awaken the enthusiasm doesn't have to be challenging, difficult or complicated in any way.

But. It's just like with children. Children don't do what their parents say. They do what their parents do. Change is required, and it can take time. So, get your management team onboard and get them to set the bar – in a non-prestigious way. This way the rest of team is more likely to join in and your intranet will flourish with all kinds of interesting and fun things.

A person interacting with the intranet, maybe just with a like, will result in them feeling more valued and seen, which in turn builds a stronger and more engaged team in the workplace. What are you waiting for? Get into your intranet and Spintr away!