Challenges with working in Office 365

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, as the old saying goes. But the ability we humans have to learn new things is amazing and age is just a number. We learn new things every day throughout our entire lives!

Despite this it can sometimes be challenging with new knowledge, especially when it has technical aspects. Technophobia is a common phenomenon that took its hold in society already during the industrial revolution, when machines took over more and more tasks and humans experienced the fear of what the future would bring.

When fear and the feeling of helplessness within technology sets, it can be nice to hold hands with someone to realize that even the technical possibilities and chances of making further progress in society today are enormous.

But there is so much to choose from, even if the potential of winning time and new opportunities for collaboration are right in front of our noses, there is still the need for a push in the right direction.

Utilization of Office 365
Most people working with computers and technology have a relatively good understanding of what they want to achieve. A large part of the population are also used to using, and have good knowledge within the main applications from Office 365, meaning Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. However there is potential in these products that can make the effect of these grow exponentially.

Buying licenses for Office 365 products gives you an ocean of opportunities with various programs to use for work. The questions is whether or not you need all these applications or if it might even complicate work for you and your colleagues. Maybe a small selection would enough?

The potential expands when the company decides to integrate the products you need in your daily work, all in one place. This way you can work more efficiently and even get time to do the things that otherwise wouldn't be prioritized because of the lack of time.

Spintr has integrated the products you need the most so you can find it all under one umbrella, that is Spintr. With the help of the intranet you have everything gathered, both the practical and the social tools to maximize productivity during your workday.

Another challenge when you work with products from a large enterprise is to get support when you need it. Who wants to sit and wait on the support line or email support that never answers when you need the help to carry one with your work. With us at Spintr you can reach support by phone, email, chat and social media and you will get help quickly, that's our motto. It should be easy!

We also continually improve Spintr to fit your needs at any time, so your ideas and suggestions to improvements are truly valuable to us.

So welcome to collaboration with us and experience the intranet that makes your workday more efficient, with or without Office 365! Welcome to Spintr!

Try Spintr here, your ready-to-go intranet!