A common platform for information sharing for Actic

Actic was experiencing an increasing need for investing in internal communication. With almost 3000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Austria, a joint platform for communication became a priority; a place to share experiences, find answers to questions and direct internal support issues. Thanks to their new digital workplace, the Intranet, this is now a reality.

We have previously made several attempts to build and launch an Intranet, internally, but never managed to bring these plans to fruition. We always got stuck in technical issues and details, says Cecilia Bergman, Sales & Development Manager Add On Services and main administrator for the Intranet.

The new Intranet makes sure that the focus is on internal communication, and not on technical issues.

With Spintr’s turn-key product we got a new Intranet, with just a click! Using our new Intranet, we can reach the whole company with the same information at the same time, something we have never been able to do before. It’s amazing, says Cecilia Bergman.

The Intranet is used to disseminate information throughout the company, and experiences are shared between co-workers. Information that is more team-related is communicated in the various workgroups. By using the chat feature, e-mailing within the company has been drastically reduced.


More engaged co-workers

Another advantage with the Intranet, is that employees feel more engaged than before. It has become easier to communicate with each other, be up to date on new developments, and everyone has access to the same information. There’s a lot of “buzz” around the Intranet - how to benefit from all the ways to access and share information, says Cecilia Bergman.

Due to the fact that the Intranet is so easy to use, flexible, digital and cutting-edge, we can live up to the expectations that our employees, many of them young and digitally advanced, have, continues Cecilia Bergman.

At last, no more messy server- and file management

In addition to having made communication easier and more efficient, the Intranet has improved the whole workflow within the company.

We have moved from extremely messy server- and file management to having a platform with relevant information that is easy to search for and access. Now, we don’t have to search through folders and consult different sources when we need something, says Cecilia Bergman.

The fact that the Intranet is so easy to use, both for users and recipients, is another advantage.

We have never before succeeded in communicating within the organization in this manner, it’s a giant leap for us. The co-workers have more trust in us as a serious company.


5 benefits of the Intranet, according to Actic

  • It is similar to Facebook, in that you can add images, like, comment and chat.
  • It is a turn-key product. You can start immediately.
  • It has reduced e-mailing, significantly.
  • It is user-friendly, including for recipients of communication.
  • The Support. Spintr is one of the best, among our providers, when it comes to support.

How Spintr helps Actic

Spintr has been the provider of Arctic’s digital workspace and Intranet since 2015.