Intranet. Does it have to be technical?

Intranet. A product for IT managers or the sign of a well functioning organisation?

When smartphones were introduced roughly 10 years ago, a fast paced revolution started in terms of how we communicate and the devices we use.

Today, its second nature to have a mobile device always by your side 24/7, ready to instantly react to or message our friends or join the 2 billion Facebookers to see what's going on in the world around us.  

This shift in human behaviour, transcends not just home, but also the workplace. Staff have higher expectations of how they can communicate and interact - instant gratification. If they can search and find classmates from their school circa 1984 and instantly instigate a chat, why are they not able to do the same with their colleagues on floor 2 or with the retail store staff in Denver or the warehouse in Poland? 

We at Spintr are not alone in thinking that we have a solution to the pain, there are plenty of  other alternatives to what is collectively known as an "intranet", a product often thought of as complex, boring and aimed only for "oiling the wheels" of large enterprises and corporations...but we disagree. 

Sometimes when you sell technology, it is easy to get caught up in technical functions and features - as technicians that's what we love to talk about;  This platform can be integrated into this platform and then you can apply that technical mumbo jumbo that converts into another technical word that is good to use for all employees and we can then see more IT words being tossed into the mix. 

Okay, we agree, it is important to understand how things work but...we like to explain the Spintr offering as a solution to a particular problem. It's the beating heart of a modern digital workplace.

What sets Spintr apart?  

Your colleagues and your employees will rapidly find new routes of communication! They will build a social workplace with or without the company as the hub, as human beings its in our nature to be social, to be connected and to want to feel apart of something.

As co-workers they might not solve it in the best interest of the company however, and, that is what sets a good solution apart from the rest, a solution that can be leveraged to form the hub of a digital workplace.

Many workers bring their own personal solutions into the workplace, filling a communications gap left vacant by the current situation, this isn't always such a great idea : 

  • Third party solutions usually own the content 
  • If the contract is terminated you lose not just competence but in addition all communication to and from that employee
  • A complex environment integrating a lot of different solutions when some may not integrate well with others. 

A digital workplace

You can however build a digital workplace, an intranet, that mutually handles the needs of the organisation and co-workers.

Becoming social, feeling informed and updated, talking with colleagues and feeling apart of something bigger - are all the characteristics delivered by an intranet!

By providing a platform to deliver these characteristics, Spintr ensures that employees have the motivation and the tools to be successful, and help companies digitally transform.

The best solution is the one that your employees choose to use 

A digital workplace of today should provide its users tools and opportunities to talk as well as manage tasks.

There are different tools for management to communicate using blogs, news articles RSS feeds etc.

Spintr as a platform is flexible enough to integrate and connect to other incumbent systems or software to enhance productivity as a hub adding value through the connectivity and ease of communication.

Our view of a modern, digital workplace is not one that needs a lot of technical implementations with large investments into education to be able to be used and liked by staff members.

We believe in building on top of what works and package it so they want to use it.

Start small, build big.