Employer branding and the ability to strengthen the company via the intranet

What’s your strategy to get your employees to feel they’re really on board and up to date? Are they fed loads of information about the future and changes to come without being able to participate in the process to get to the changes, or do they actually have a say in the changes?

And if they do have a say - how do you know if your employees feel like they’ve been seen, involved and listened to?

Spintr believes that the more involved and engaged your employees are, the more they’ll deliver, the harder they’ll work and even advertise your company to their social circles – and this is the best advertising there is.

A good starting point is to enable the company to become as transparent as possible with its employees. Most people might agree that the more we know about something, the easier it is to relax and focus on the task at hand – in this case tasks at work.

If the company succeed in making its employees feel that their thoughts matter and have value, it’ll further increase the employee’s job satisfaction. That’s why it might be a good idea to involve colleagues and involve their thoughts and opinions via a poll on the intranet. However, pay attention to what kind of questions you ask, and which answers they might produce. The idea is that the company can deliver at involving the employee and their thoughts, and so including the answers in any change must be an actual possibility.

A lot of us might remember answering a poll once, with carefully considered words for action, only to realize that none of our inputs were taken into account. No wonder then if an employee would ask why he or she was even asked in the first place.

So, it’s pretty important to ask the employee what he or she thinks, then listen to what is being said, then take the answers into account in further processes – or, if the answers aren’t possible to integrate, then make sure to give a thoughtful and honest answer to the employee.

To do this kind of poll on the intranet can also result in colleagues mingling and brainstorming new ideas that could help the company (whatever the issue is that needs resolving or change). This way, the employees are enabled to tell their opinion as well as cooperate with others to find good solutions for the better of the company.

The intranet is the dedicated space for employees to be seen and heard, however not everyone’s as comfortable bringing up stuff that might feel a bit off. That’s why the managers’ involvement is so important: that they are there, that they’re visible asking questions and engage employees through activities such as a poll.

After a while, you’ll have a positive loop: the more the employees feel that they are seen and heard, and that their thoughts matter, the more positive they’ll be towards giving your company a great review to their direct and indirect social circles.

This is one of many important areas of employer branding, and it’s some of the most important achievements of a company. After all, someone who spends most of their waking hours at their workplace gives these reviews, and the effect of a positive review versus a negative one is pretty self-explanatory.

You can read more about employer branding here.

Simply put, we should all know that by being transparent, listen to employees, use their input in change, and recognize that their input is important, we’re making sure employees feel that their voices are important for the company and that they matter.

This will most likely keep your employee longer and prevent you from loosing their expertise to another company.

You can strengthen your company today by trying Spintr for free – the social intranet where colleagues feel like part of the team!