I love lists!

They are easy to follow and fall back on when you are wondering what to do. They are easy to follow when you don't know where to begin or feel lost.

Below is a list that I always use. They are obviously available in different shapes and formats online, but I like this one. I use it almost daily with clients in the work with their intranet and view on internal communications.

The list contains the absolute most important things when it comes to achieving a good, well-functioning and healthy intranet. As you will see, none of these point mention technology. They only focus on soft values, mindset and philosophy. It is also in these areas you lay the foundation for how well the intranet will be and the foundation for how successful you can become with internal communication.

Read the bullets. Try working with all of them. If you feel overwhelmed then pick three that you can focus on. If you ask me, number 1, 2 and 6 are the most important ones.

  1. Have high standards

Do not let internal communication become something that you do when you get a moment to spare from communicating with customers. Internal communications should be as strategic and thought through as any other communication. Think of it as building an internal brand.

  1. Strengthen the us-feeling

Good internal communication contributes to strengthening loyalty and team spirit in the organization. That is why we recommend that you address the employee with “you” and use “us” about the company. This way you can build company culture and engage the employees. 

  1. Spread the workload

There are probably people in your organization that like to write, despite it not being their regular task. Start a collaboration with them by for instance making them editors on the intranet. You can get new perspectives and more time for strategic work.

  1. Show up!

The internal story about the company should be aligned with the external image. Have you just issued a press release about a new product? Show up internally with an explanation on why the company has chosen to do this right now. Transparency increases credibility.

  1. Show the people behind

Progress is about people and it is a challenge to show not only the leaders, but the coworkers in all roles. That there are actually people behind different decisions or processes makes it easier to absorb the message. Be thorough about focusing on the positive examples.

Recommended reading: An engaged team creates positive results.

  1. Do a survey

Check what the coworkers want to take part of in the intranet and which ideas they have to how internal communication should be developed. Be transparent with the result – it can be a great starting point for an intranet article.

  1. Decide on a reasonable publishing schedule

When you have a lot to do, the intranet tend to be down prioritized. Decide on a publishing schedule that you can keep and that makes it easy to absorb the message. You can split texts and vary length and content. Maybe it is time to try a video or podcast from the general manager?

Is this a great list, or what? What I would like to add as an eight point is:

Have fun!

An intranet should also be fun to visit, and by fun I do not mean only from a humorous perspective. Fun also means an intranet that gives, is informative, varied and dynamic. Don't forget to add sparkle with great photos!

 If you need more concrete tips and tricks on how you can work with this list, don´t hesitate to contact me. This is my playing field.