Information has started flowing through the organization - Oxelösund municipality

With high ambitions, but low on resources, Oxelösund municipality (county) wanted to find a way to work more efficiently, with more transparency and get all 1200 employees involved. They succeeded, thanks to Spintr’s turn-key Intranet and digital workspace.

We were about to abandon all hope, when we discovered Spintr’s solution. Suddenly, we discovered a complete Intranet-solution that ticked off all the boxes on our wishlist and was within the budget, says Åsa Camara who is project leader IT and TfIT-strategist at “Kommunstyrelseförvaltningen” and administrator of the new Intranet.

The Oxelösund municipality employs about 1200 and the internal communication is now, mainly, handled through the Intranet, which allows employees to find all documentation, relevant information, ask questions, upload files and chat directly with each other, even from home.

As we have finally been able to gather all tools in the same place, the e-mail volume has been reduced, as information and dialogue are handled on the Intranet. Furthermore, collaboration has been facilitated to a higher degree, due to the workgroup feature, says Åsa Camara.

Say goodbye to the silo mentality

Many of the questions and insecurities employees have, are now answered in their respective groups or by the latest news posts on the Intranet. It is now easy to integrate co-workers, and consequently easier to feel involved in what is happening at the workplace.

The Intranet has addressed many important needs for us. Openness, transparency and accessibility have completely opened the information flow. We have left the silo mentality behind and replaced it with an “open share mentality,” Åsa Camara comments.

Love at first sight

To be successful in this endeavor, with the help of Spintr’s way of working with support and technical administration, cannot be overstated. It was love at first sight. There’s a personal connection, with a receptiveness and care, uncommon among providers. Another great benefit, unique to Spintr as well, is that we pay for a complete solution in stead of for a basic platform that you then need to add expensive modules to, Åsa concludes.

5 benefits of the Intranet, according to Oxelösund municipality

  • It is a turn-key Intranet.
  • We pay for a complete solution instead of a basic platform that will then need to be developed
  • You can work on the Intranet from home.
  • Everything is in the same place and user-friendly.
  • Spintr’s fantastic support.

How Spintr helps Oxelösund municipality

Spintr has been the provider of Oxelösund municipality’s digital workspace since 2015. In 2017, the municipality connected Office 365 with the Spintr service, Spintr 365, and now has their own Office 365 Intranet integrated.