Office 365 and its products

Most of the Microsoft products are compatible with Spintr. But, if you want to pick and choose amongst these products on your own it can quickly become a jungle where it's difficult to know if the product is something for your company or if it's buttering your bacon to use several of the products in your daily work.

Spintr has made it easy for you! In our product most of the functionality from Office 365 is built in for you to find the right functions quickly without wasting any time.

We have analyzed the software so that you, through one simple platform, can use the tools you need in your daily work – without loosing precious time considering what you really need.

Here is a quick guide about the different applications and how your work can be made easier if you work with these applications through Spintr.

Compatible with Spintr:

With Exchange you get a more personalized inbox with functionality that sync with your way of working, allowing you to do more in less time. Through the calendar you can see the most basic information like time and place, but also automatically get suggestions based on where you are, bookings and travel time.

Office suite – Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Excel quickly learns your behaviors in the software and organizes your data to help you save time.

Create personalized presentations with animations, icons, graphs and much more in PowerPoint.

In Word you can create you text documents and get spelling corrections and grammar suggestions.

In Office 365 you can work together and edit and add comments in Excel, Word and PowerPoint in real-time.

OneDrive allows you to collaborate in real-time in familiar programs like Word and PowerPoint and you can share and store files in a secure way wherever you are with people within and outside your organization, all in your personal cloud storage.

With Outlook you can be productive and updated through email, calendar, contacts and files.

Outlook Customer Manager
Outlook Customer Manager organizes information from mail, notes, conversations, tasks and so on and gathers it all in one place. You can also get reminders and suggestions to what you should focus on first.

In SharePoint you can share files, news, data and so on to allow everyone to take part of this at any time and collaborate with team members within or outside the organization.

Skype for Business
Conference calls, meetings and video via Skype is developed to make the participants feel like they are in the same room, despite their geographical location.

Spintr has several functions that are similar to Office 365s products, allowing you to work within the intranet throughout your workday – this allows for a simpler way of working and a high efficiency.

Bookings for resources
In Spintr you can use the booking system for resources and keep track of meeting rooms, equipment, cars or other things that should be kept organized in the company. This can be compared with Bookings in Office 365.

Open, closed or secret groups can easily be created in Spintr, depending on who should have access to what. You can also invite external parties in the groups to collaborate outside of the company walls. In the groups you can create projects with to-do lists, assign tasks to colleagues, chat with the groups members and so on to easily ensure that the project or moving along and everyone participates. These tools can replace Office 365s programs Project, Planner, To-Do and Teams.

Social flow
To the left in Spintr you can find the social flow where everyone in the organization can share their thoughts, have a dialogue with their colleagues, gather ideas, have polls and get feedback – everything to increase workplace engagement and make everyone feel involved, which in turn creates a great environment. Spintrs social flow is similar to the Office 365 application Yammer.

Below are the products that are not yet compatible with Spintr, but the question is – do you really need these products? OR is it enough with the smart solutions we at Spintr have come up with for your company to thrive and grow, and at the same time make your daily work more efficient?
Here is an overview of these products from Office 365:

Microsoft Stream
Stream is used to securely share and view videos within the company, create personal messages with video and create training videos in software that you use every day so you can make it more valuable.

MyAnalytics analyses how you spend your time at work, for instance how much time you spend on meetings or emails. The software suggests how you can work smarter to save time. Many employees spend more than 80% of their time in meetings or sending email. Spintr can make a big difference for you employees.

All the content you create and design is stored in Publisher and you can re-use the designs later to ensure company brand guidelines are followed. This product is currently only available for PC.

In Staffhub you can get an overview of the schedule where ever you are and see all the changes that are made. It is also possible to create areas where the co-workers can get access to information, share ideas and so on.

With Sway you can create presentations to use on any screen of your choice. The content is gathered nicely since Sway is integrated with web and devices.

In Visio you can create diagrams, organizational maps, charts and so on. Through Office 365 all the team members can work in for instance a diagram that is connected to real-time data.

Spintr is continuously working with developing our own applications and we carefully consider pros and cons with which applications we should synchronize with our software to meet the needs you as a client have to make your work a prosperous as possible.

We help you to be more prosperous!