Intranets and public administration - Time for a re-think

Large organisations have historically relied upon the intranet as a tool to communicate effectively and consistently across their workforce with news and information updates.

Among the early adopters of intranets have been public authorities and government institutions, municipalities and a range of other types of public organisations. What separates the public sector from other business organisations tends to be how they are funded and how they manage those finances.

To Spintr that means its a good time now to re-look at how investments are made for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of internal communication. 

With an organisation that relies on public funding, it can be a long and hard process to apply to raise grants and extra funding - in other words "every penny counts" and needs close attention. This, in turn, has made applications for larger investments, such as replacing an internal communication system a hurdle.

But with the digital revolution, there has been a big change in how we can connect and communicate with each other, today online communications no longer need the same size of investment in time or money as it has been historically,

Lets take a closer look

Traditionally, the use of an intranet was recommended for larger organisations - typically involving a consultant advising the client based on particular needs and relying on the consultants know-how. The consultant would take time to review and learn the clients business to understand what was required for the client to achieve their goals. Timeframe to get going? 1-12 + months.

Spintr delivers an intranet solution based on the experience of hundreds of customers, with, in turn, thousands of users. Spintr have a robust framework for the client to use - but we believe, however, that the client knows their business better then anyone else - so we let the client manage their own content and information within the Spintr framework. Timeframe to get going? 5 minutes.

Traditionally, an intranet solution is set up locally on the customers own server, so-called "on premise". This requires that customers have infrastructure, competence to manage the set-up and take responsibility for monitoring it over time. The customer is responsible for maintenance and IT security as well.

Spintr recommends its customers to host the intranet in a cloud solution. We use the same cloud service as Microsoft provides Office365. The customer doesn't need any competence regarding infrastructure, or need to worry about software updates or operations. We can place Spintr "on-premise" if required, but less and less customers are requesting this. And safety is world-class within the cloud hosting options provided.

System education used to be delivered by the consultant or sourced through a subcontractor. The goal was to enable a few people to update and manage content in the intranet. Updates were often handled in a separate CMS system, separated from the intranet, which required additional education, with the effect that only a few people could be relied upon to actually publish material.

Spintr offers training within the built-in administrative tool for managing the intranet. Publishing content is done through the same type of tools that you are used to from various other internet services, therefore anyone who can write on Facebook or Google can write in Spintr - With us, everyone can publish.

Traditionally, the consultants leave the project shortly after launch. The client then takes over responsibility for management and further development. Each update or support case may then come with a contracted cost in terms of hours to execute it.

Spintr provides free intranet support to all contracted clients through phone, email or via a chat function directly in the product itself. We also have a well-developed help centre full of resources that can be used.

Traditionally, time stands still for many intranet solutions. No ongoing development means that the solution you have will run till it no longer meets your demands and has to be replaced by a newer one. This tends to be over two to three years of a product lifespan - often filled with frustration within the organisation as it no longer meets expectations or communication needs.

Spintr updates the product continuously and every update is given to each customer for free, which means that the product is always up to date with releases, maintaining full capacity in the system to work at all times. Spintr grows with its client and their changing needs and requirements for internal communications. This is the core of our business model. You, as a customer, shall not have to replace the solution, you should constantly have a modern and competitive solution provided for you.

After a few years, traditionally, the procurement of a new intranet is completed. Procurement can be costly for an organisation in terms of admin, time and use of resources. Furthermore, as above, a new product may need new education and time to implement.

Spintr provides continuity, combining effective communication methods within the same platform and at a very low TCO (total cost of ownership) over time.

To learn more about our solutions click for more information to discover how much more effective you can be by using Spintr to enable your internal communications.