Quality is a matter of time

Spintr is a product that’s continuously under development, and we’re working on optimising our product on a daily basis. One way we’re doing this, is by changing our routines as to how we’re doing our updates.

Previously, we’ve updated on Fridays, but in our work to doing things even better, we’re going to change this. From April this year, we’ll be doing our updates every second week instead of weekly. We’ll be doing updates every second Tuesday starting Tuesday 2nd of April.

By changing our routines we’ll be able to test more thoroughly before we do any updates. When a developer has done the required changes, the first step is that another developer tests it and approves it. In the next step, three people will test the changes or news, and a minimum of two of these will have to approve before implementing. This way we’ll minimize the risk for bugs.

With these new changes, we’ll also be able to communicate better, both inhouse and external, about the changes that will occur. This way the administrators of Spintr at their workplace will also be able to better communicate the changes to the users. By planning about what will be changed, we also believe that our customers will be less confused which in turn creates a better work atmosphere for our customers.

Yet another advantage of doing updates every second week, is that if there should be an error in the updates, this will not be in conjunction to a weekend like before. This means we’ll be able to respond quicker with support, and to fix the error and communicate this faster to our customers.

If there’s a critical error or bug, we’ll have to do an extra update, but other than that, we’ll stick to updates every second week.

/Erik, Quality Manager