Spintr and the technical aspects

To feel secure in the process of starting up your new intranet there are always lots of questions for the various department or people in the workplace. These questions require answers.

One of the most complex parts can be understanding the technical bits that come with using a digital intranet. 

Here at Spintr we want your company to feel comfortable about our product right from the very beginning. That`s why we`ve gathered some of the most common questions that existing clients have had about the technical parts before they start using Spintr.

  1. Operations

What databases are supported by Spintr?

Today Spintr only supports Microsoft SQL Server from 2008 and newer.


What is required to run Spintr in-house?

To run Spintr in-house it is required to have Windows Server installed (preferably 2008 or newer) and Microsoft SQL Server (required 2008 or newer). For one of our technicians to install your instance we need access to the server.


What are the required system specifications to run Spintr?

It`s recommended to have at least one dual-core processor and 4gb ram to ensure that everything works as expected. This specification is dimensioned for up to 100 users on the intranet. A higher number of users on the intranet will require more powerful hardware.


How are users administrated in Spintr?

This can be done in three different ways.

-No AD (Active directory) – This means that you administrate the users directly in Spintr and maintain them as you wish.

-AD – This is a database for all employees in the company. The way this works is that no users are imported from AD at the point of integration, but the profile is created in Spintr the first time a user logs in with their credentials. Nobody needs to create users in Spintr, but they will not appear in the intranet until their first login.

Spintr is developing a form that can import users directly from Office 365. We can also populate your intranet with users before your release through importing a CSV file. Contact our support department if you want more information about this.

In all the integrations Spintr has to external user handling (e.g. AD) there are by default no changes in the external system. I.e. the external system holds the master data. AD+ does not deactivate users in the AD, but the other way around. AD+ checks if the user in AD is deactivated or removed and takes the appropriate action to the profile in Spintr.

-AD+ is an add-on service from Spintr that requires a technician to install and configure on your network. With AD+ installed all your changes are synchronized in the database without the need to add or update anything manually.


  1. Security / Encryption

Where is the data stored?

There are three ways to store data in Spintr.

  • Azure

Via Microsofts cloud service Azure, which is hosted in Amsterdam. Most of Spintrs clients run on Azure.

  • City Network

Via the Swedish cloud service City Network. This is used by clients that for various reasons need a Swedish cloud storage (e.g. various public sector clients).

  • On-premise

A local storage option where the client has their own server that the intranet runs on.


How often are backups performed?

In Microsofts Azure-cloud the service is hosted in Amsterdam. Data is stored geo-redundant in Europe, meaning that back-up is stored in more than one datacenter at different locations in Europe. In case of a datacenter problem there are backups in other locations. In general, Spintr stores backups for at least 30 days to secure your intranet.

In Spintrs cloud service for public sector, the City Network cloud, has their main datacenter in Stockholm. But like Azure, we have geo-redundant storage with their datacenter in Karlskrona.

For installations on their own server, the client themselves are responsible for backups, but this can be tailored to your needs. For instance, Spintr has one client where we write backups to the clients network drive.


  1. Office 365

How does the Office 365 integrations work?

The first part is that the calendar is connected between the intranet and Outlook (Exchange integration). This means that a calendar event created in Spintr will show in the Outlook calendar and vice versa.

Then we have file handling, for instance One Drive and Sharepoint, these work in the same way as the calendar. The difference is that One Drive is personal and Sharepoint is shared with all users.

When you activate for instance One Drive and Sharepoint this will be a natural part of Spintr where documents etc. easily can be shared or set as private.


How do we connect to Office 365?

The office 365-connection har two easy steps.

Step 1: The technician from Spintr sets up the clients intranet to run a 365 integration.

Step 2: Admin consent – As a client you will receive a link that your Office 365 administrator needs to log in to. Via the link you meet a Microsoft page requiring rights for Spintr (enabling the connection to get calendar events, files, etc.). This is what Microsoft calls an admin consent, meaning that the administrator accepts Spintr on behalf of their organization.

After these two steps the integration is ready. We will run quality control to ensure that the data appears correctly for the right users in Spintr.


  1. Other software

Most software that is used within a company like for instance payroll, can be connected and used with Spintr and thereby accessed directly from the intranet.

If you have questions regarding specific software, you're welcome to contact our support department to find the best solution for you.


  1. Support

At Spintr it should be easy to find help. You can search our support pages, call, e-mail, ask questions in the support forum or chat with us everyday between 9-17 CET. Here are the most common questions and answers.