To be seen and heard

To be seen and heard has long been an important ingredient to make our peers feel better. To a certain extent that's why social media have succeeded so much in modern society, we get the opportunity to show ourselves and at the same time get others to like, comment and boost our ego and feel a bit better.

At Spintr we deem it just as important to get that recognition from our peers and colleagues that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. That's why you can, in an easy and efficient manner, communicate parts of your life with your colleagues in the social stream in the intranet.

Maybe you recognize the function from Facebook where you're met by the social stream when you open the app? Just like that, you feel at home when you're met by Spintrs welcoming social stream at the start of the day. Maybe you'll find pictures from last Fridays afterwork, a poll about when it's ok to start playing Christmas music, or uplifting cheers from the management team. The important part about the possibility to share is to actually share. It should be easy, non-prestigious and fun! Thanks to these little tricks you can create a strong sense of community at the workplace and together awaken a feeling of pride.

To be inspired, strengthened, uplifted and cheered on with positive news doesn't just get and individual, but also a group of people working towards the same goal, to grow. The social community creates more healthy personal with a mental health that might be more affected positively than you thought possible at first. In short, people that share their everyday happenings and get positive feedback from their closest peers, feel better. It's not exactly rocket science, is it?

Here are a few examples of things you can do to involve and engage your colleagues/employees in the social stream:

Kudos to a colleague

Maybe it's who cleaned the kitchen last, who brought biscuits for tea, or who signed the latest client – whoever it is, both they and all others are uplifted by it! Next time someone might be putting your name forward?

Share the positive news

When the workplace/company thrive, the employees will thrive as well! Don't forget to share the positive news, even thought they might seem small. Have you received a positive email from a client? Is it soon time for a Christmas do? Did we hit our budget targets? Share it in the stream!

Create a poll

Biscuits on Fridays or Mondays? Should the new conference room be called Clover, The Owl or The Common? Are Thursdays or Fridays better for afterwork? How many cups of coffee do you have before 11am?

The more people that get the opportunity to be heard, the more involved everyone will feel from day to day. Even if the poll is just a trivial matter.

Have a theme in the stream

Let the personal choose a theme every week and participate as they please. Let the imagination run free! Suddenly the social stream is changed into a jungle of photos of your dad, your lunchbox, songs from the first school disco, the Friday pep-tune and so on. Good vibes in the corridors is guaranteed and the ones that might not be as active might open their eyes for this unpretentious and fun way to use the stream.

Your intranet will feel more alive than before and many more will feel a greater joy when they open Spintr in the morning, after lunch or even on the app while lounging on the couch in the evening. What exciting news awaits now?

Don't forget to like and comment others posts and off course thank your peers if you’re the one getting praised, a thumbs up or a cheer along when you've selected the best Friday pep-tune!