Vadstena municipalities intranet is nominated as one of the best in Sweden

The 30th of January is the annual WSA-day 2019, a day that contains loads of speakers with specific competencies within for amongst others, intranet, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and lots more. The day ends in the Web Service Awards gala, where a winner is announced in the different categories, for instance Best Intranet.

Amongst the nominees for best intranet is Vadstena municipality and there intranet, which has been running on the Spintr platform for years in a row.

Åsa Murakami is Vadstena municipalities communicator and she is thrilled that their intranet is nominated for such a prestigious award.

We contacted her a few weeks before the gala to see how things are with Åsa and her colleagues.

How does it feel to be nominated for best intranet award?

It came as a total surprise, but obviously it feels amazing. Just the fact that we are nominated inspires to keep the bar high in the continuation of our work.

How would you describe working with your intranet?

Personally, I am a novice, I started working as a communicator at Vadstena municipality in November. The version of the intranet that is nominated is also the first ever in the municipality and there is still a great deal of challenges for us. For instance, I see that we have a whole lot to do to increase availability and reach all our organizations and make the intranet a go-to meeting place to share experiences, spread good examples and ask questions in the social communication.

But we will also focus on keeping the great results we have achieved and create a clear maintenance plan going forward.

What would you say you have succeeded with that makes you nominated?

We have scored high on the informative part and there is a good and clear though on keeping a language that makes it easy to read and navigate.

What do your colleagues say about the nomination?

I think it caught them by surprise. Like I said, this is our first attempt at creating an intranet and working actively with internal communications in this channel. I think that no matter if we win or not, the nomination is a carrot to motivate everyone here to keep participating and trusting the intranet.

How are you preparing for the awards and the gala? Will you be there?

We think it is amazing that we are nominated and obviously we are looking forward to the gala. We expect having one or two people present and we really look forward to taking part of all the interesting seminars before the awards. We really want to learn more about how to maintain and develop the intranet.

We at Spintr wish Vadstena municipality good luck!

Spintr is a proud supplier of Vadstena municipalities intranet.

Vadstena municipality is nominated with Systembolaget, Forsäkringskassan and Fortifikationsverket. Read more about the nominees in the different categories here.