Writing for the web – not always as easy as it sounds

People have always communicated, but in different ways. Spintr, just like many other intranets, is obviously built around communicating with your colleagues and sometimes even external parties. You can read more about communicating in the right way here.

 But there are some fundamental differences when it comes to writing for the web and your intranet, if you compare it with something to be published and read on paper. For your users to bother with reading an entire page on the intranet and take in all the information, it requires some thought for it to be successful. Through publishing texts and pages that are clear and easily read for the user, they can more easily read and process the information. This way the end-user satisfaction will increase as well.

Who am I writing for? 

Begin with asking the question of who the recipient of the information is. Consider how you can make them feel like the text is intended for them. Readers today are impatient and it is easy to scroll by or skim through the text if they do not find it interesting enough. Start with the most important message and keep their interest with headings that capture them, split the text into sections that makes it feel easy to read.

Write a short ingress where you explain briefly what the page is about in four or five sentences, this way you can manage expectations. If it is suitable in the information you can also let the reader know approximately how long it takes to read, this will increase the understanding and perception of control around what is coming.

Be clear! 

You might have a lot of information you want to share with your employees, but be careful how you present this. It can become too much to take in for the reader and the interest to read will decline.

How to simplify the reading:

  • Use lists and bullets
  • Use bold style to mark what is extra important
  • Do not use italic style, it is harder to read
  • Do not use underlining as it looks like hyperlinks
  • Split the text into sections
  • Black font on white background is best for readability
  • Proof read more than once to check that the text is correct

If you want more tips and thoughts around how you can develop your writing skills, we recommend this website: